Brock Carmichael
Michael Cosser

Insight: Improving reputations for property development

Property development is a complex, risky business where timing is key and reputation is all. Within the property sector the relationship between risk and reward is better understood. However, people outside the sector don’t appreciate or see the risks as clearly and they tend to...
Chris Bolland

Insight: Urban Regeneration & Masterplanning Success

Masterplanners accelerate the design process for environments where sustainable communities and businesses can flourish by drawing on planning insight, market intelligence, architectural expertise and delivery specialisms. Great in theory. In practise, some planners get it right...
John Cassell

Insight: Reforming the Land Market, Delivering More Homes

The availability of land (brownfield or green space) vs demand for development vs Planning Law is a very English predicament, bound by laws with historical context and tradition. In an attempt to break this cycle the second draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)...