Following a comprehensive risk assessment, Brock Carmichael has returned to the office. To begin, this is a phased back to work strategy that splits the team over two floors and on alternative days. This will be reviewed weekly to ensure safety and best working practices. Everyone is still able to work from home to ensure maximum flexibility at all times.

March 24th

The health and wellbeing of our team here at Brock Carmichael is our number one priority. As of March 24th almost all of our colleagues have been working from home, not least to give them the chance to support family and friends more easily as is needed. All our team can work from home and the office is manned essentially by ‘the few’ that can walk there or travel in accordance to lockdown rules. Meetings with colleagues on current and future projects will continue to take place using tele and video conferencing technology rather than face to face.

Please continue to ring 0151 242 6222 or better, please email your contact at Brock Carmichael directly using surname.forenameinitial@brockcarmichael.co.uk or office@brockcarmichael.co.uk.

The period of remote working is being reviewed on a weekly basis as information on the virus and advice from government and the World Health Organisation is updated.

Everyday flexibility to ‘get the job done’ is part of the way we work at Brock Carmichael. Everyone has the necessary equipment to ensure they can continue to work effectively and collaboratively whether they be at home or elsewhere. All internet connections on remote PCs, laptops, iPads and phones are protected using secure remote connectivity.  We have policies in place which cover the appropriate way to work securely when out of the office to ensure confidentiality and the protection of data.

Our culture is one of digital collaboration and we will use Brock Carmichael approved tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging technology to work effectively together across multiple locations.

While we do not know how the outbreak of COVID-19 will develop over the coming weeks and months we are working together with, and are keen to learn from, colleagues and friends in the construction and other professional sectors world-wide, confident that we have the right policies and procedures in place to continue to serve our clients and stakeholders to the best of our ability well into the future.

Very best wishes and stay safe,

Chris Bolland, Managing Partner on behalf of Brock Carmichael.