Brock Carmichael is proud to have been successful in gaining a place on the Prosper Procurement Limited Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Design and Consultancy Services in Lot 1 Architect Services.

The DPS Agreement runs from 15 April 2019 for 10 Years and Brock Carmichael has elected to receive opportunities in the North West and Yorkshire & Humber.

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a procedure available for contracts for works, services and goods commonly available on the market. As a procurement tool, some aspects are similar to an electronic framework agreement, but new suppliers can join at any time during the lifetime of this DPS, up to 2029. Brock Carmichael joined in Round 42.

The DPS is to provide public sector organisations with a compliant procurement route for all their Design and Consultancy Service’s needs. The DPS is intended to provide for any size of project from small discrete projects through to large scale developments, and therefore all Consultant Organisations from SME’s through to large Organisations are encouraged to participate.

When a Contracting Body has a specific requirement, it issues a Call for Competition to all Contractors admitted to the DPS within the relevant category, detailing the precise requirements. Contractors are under no obligation to respond and can decide whether they wish to participate in each call for competition.

Further information about the Framework is here and Brock Carmichael would be delighted to hear from you about any requirements you have under this DPS.