Clarence Street Laboratories, Liverpool College

The Clarence Street Labs are to receive a high-specification refurbishment due to growing demands and changes in technology. New layouts for labs will inspire learning and reflect the new way that the college operates.

As well as designing classrooms for over a thousand students, the labs are to be creative spaces to ignite learning of the subjects – through bold form of design, use of furniture and colour.

The Entrance Lobby is designed to welcome students by explosions of colour and a well thought through lighting scheme. The Science Resource Hub is a key element of the plan; it forms an open heart of the building, students can choose to carry out informal study space or they can flow through/past it.

There is also a series of nine different full-height wall murals that capture Sciences most memorable discoveries and shed light on uncelebrated women in science and engineering. These scenes of space, earth and events are to be designed in-house by our design team.

City of Liverpool College
Project value £3.5m