King’s Park, Liverpool

The £20 million redevelopment of 3 1960’s tower blocks in North Liverpool.

This popular estate is now managed by One Vision Housing but the challenge faced by the Association was one of how to economically refurbish the three tower blocks to meet current standards. To meet the standards for current Building Regulations, and Eco Homes and Lifetime Homes Standards etc required each of the blocks, constructed of a precast panel system onto a concrete frame, to be stripped back to the bare structure and then completely refurbished with revised flat layouts.

The economic solution adopted was one of increasing the total number of flats and thus decreasing the construction cost per unit. This was achieved by the construction of new build extensions, in ‘lightweight’ steel structure, that were positioned either side of the existing towers and across the top thus adding an additional three storeys to the height of each tower block. Each of the steel structure extension wings rely on the mass of the existing concrete structure cores for stability and utilise a specialist steel ‘K’ brace for rigidity at each floor level. Thus each existing tower plus the extension wings and additional roof top storeys effectively doubled the plot ratio of flats per block, ie 55 fl at tower became a 98 flat tower. The refurbishment of each tower consisted of external render and insulation, replacement glazing and curtain wall cladding and full height glazing to wing gables. New flat layouts provided lifetime homes standards wherever possible and a varied mix of flat types to suit the various tenant demand preference.

To complete the redevelopment the whole of the surrounding estate is to be re-landscaped in a contemporary theme of hard paving and soft landscape within a secure boundary.