Medical Centre in Hastings

Brock Carmichael’s designs for a new medical centre in St Leonards, Hastings are to house two GP surgeries and a pharmacy and be based in Bexhill Road next to West St Leonards Community Centre.

The design and access statement by Brock Carmichael Architects on behalf of developer SLMP Ltd states: “The need for this development is very clear. Over the past few years, West St Leonards has had to cope with the closure of two surgeries, South Saxon and Essenden Road, with patients having to travel further to access health care.”

The new medical centre will cater for up to 20,000 patients and will act as a modern health hub for the south west area of Hastings. As a health hub it will be able to facilitate services currently given by other providers, more locally as well as easing pressure on the local hospital.

The scheme is to be built by south east main contractor Westridge Construction Ltd. Construction started in the Autumn 2019 and completion is due for spring 2020.

Photography & Drone footage courtesy of Westridge Construction and Black Duck URV.