Residential BtR for Incrementum

This residential development for a former school site is on Chatfield Drive, Birchwood, Warrington for Incrementum Housing Development Company Ltd.

The proposed 3.28 acres (13,283sqm) development is for a mix of two storey family housing and three storey apartments, associated highway access, car parking and public realm space.

The scheme creates 69 new homes in a mix of Private Rented (70%) and Private Affordable rented (30%) homes. There will be 32 two and three bedroom semi-detached and terraced houses and 37 one and two bed apartments to create a diverse and sustainable community, responding to Warrington’s Housing Strategy, Local Plan and a shortage of rentable homes within Warrington.

There will be a high level of landscape infrastructure and communal shared spaces over private spaces, and this is provided in a sequence of spaces from landscaped parking courts, the central plaza to more private activity shared garden spaces for apartments along the north and east boundaries.

This will create a distinctive, open plan, urban ‘Home Zone’ streetscape with high quality realm and a strong sense of place through the scheme, with localised street landscaping, on-street parking, tree planting and communal spaces. The planned development uses most existing tree and shrub landscaping, adding new planting around the development’s perimeters.

Each new house is provided with a private and enclosed rear garden area and direct external access. Private gardens are proposed as grassed lawns, with localised feature areas of shrub and feature planting to the front and side gardens, trees to fronts and rear gardens.

The development will propose measures to protect existing valuable local ecology and wildlife.

Plans await approval, to be decided in the Summer 2020.