Brock Carmichael logo

Slater Street Studios

Location Liverpool

Client Yakel Property Group

Sector Hospitality

Status Ongoing

Area 1,890sqm

Brock Carmichael was approached to assist in the conversion of an existing mixed-used high street unit into a youth hostel with commercial units on the ground floor.

This project presented many issues as the existing building is of local importance and a distinct part of the high street, however internally the building is not suitable for renovation due to its age and complex layout. Due to these constraints, a façade retention plan had been devised that allowed for the locally significant façade to be retained and the rest of the building removed and rebuild.

As well as reorganising the internal spaces to create a more functional layout, a new four storey addition was designed to replace an existing two storey addition, further increasing the number of beds. To further increase the number of beds a single storey extension was added to the roof, however this was a controversial addition, and a compromise position was reached with the city council, allowing for the roof extension if it was not visible from street level, maintain the purity of the locally significant façade.

As well as the additional roof storey, the commercial offering was maximised by bringing the basement into use as a cosy bar associated with the youth hostel.