Daniel Rush Architect

BA(Hons), MArch, ADPPA, ARB

Dan joined Brock Carmichael in January 2020 as a Part II Architectural Assistant. His previous experience has been in Healthcare, Education and Residential sectors with a personal interest in urban design and user experience.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Liverpool John Moores University, and gained experience in a Liverpool practice in his year out. He completed his MArch at the University of Northumbria. His dissertation was written on the ‘Walkability of Liverpool’, and how people interact with the surrounding built environment to find what encourages walking and healthy living. His final design thesis involved connecting the main areas of Newcastle-upon-Tyne via a central cycling hub re-using existing pedestrian infrastructure and derelict buildings.

Daniel passed his final, part 3 exams in May 2020 and is now registered as an architect with the Architects Registration Board (ARB)

Favourite building in Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool was an inspiration for me to go down the architecture route. I enjoyed watching the Museum of Liverpool develop as I was growing up. It tells a story of the surrounding history through its form, views, sculpted façade, and materiality whilst producing a modern interpretation of the Three Graces. It had a significant impact on the City’s development.

Favourite building in the World

The Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku is my favourite as its form and structure push the boundaries of design, engineering and architecture. I admire the continuity that emerges from the landscape to create fluidity folding into itself as well as the soft undulation of the geometry, creating unique experiences for the user. This project inspired my creativity and experimentation throughout my education, demonstrating what can be achieved.

My Favourite Brock Carmichael Project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World