Farah Anwar BA(Hons) Architectural Assistant Part I

Farah graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Architecture joining Brock Carmichael in September 2019 and is excited to be able to apply her considerable skills and knowledge on ‘real world’ projects in various stages of their development. She is passionate about furthering the development of sustainable architecture, in all its forms.

Favourite Building in Liverpool:

Oriel Chambers The distinct façade of Oriel Chambers has always caught my eye. The pioneering ideas of Peter Ellis allowed this building to break from the norm of the time and feature the world’s first metal framed glass curtain wall. Although it was met with negative criticism, it has stood the test of time and proves its outstanding importance by being grade I listed.

Favourite Building in the World:

The Barbican The Barbican is a concrete masterpiece and offered a new vision for high density residential neighbourhoods in post-war Britain. Although massive in scale, it’s clear that every detail was meticulously thought out in terms of function and form.

Projects I’m currently working on:

  • A development on the South Coast
  • A town centre redevelopment in the Liverpool City Region

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World