Jack Cheung   Architectural Assistant

BA(Hons), MArch Part 2

Jack joined Brock Carmichael in October 2018 as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant from the University of Liverpool where he studied his masters. He previously spent 3 years working as a Part 1 in Southampton with involvement in all work stages and gaining valuable experience in the educational and commercial sector.

Favourite Buildings in Liverpool:

I have great admiration for Oriel Chambers (the world’s first building featuring a metal framed glass curtain wall) and similarly 16 Cook Street, (the second) both by a now forgotten architect, Peter Ellis (1805-84). Ellis is credited with influencing famous Chicago architect John Wellborn Root who studied in Liverpool, in his work on early skyscrapers.

They are two architectural jewels in Liverpool, built in 1864 and 1866 respectively. The distinct verticality of the gothic-like columns that frame the individual projecting bays of glazing strikes an impression of order and rationale as well as grandeur. The pioneering design of metal framed glass curtain walling has earned them deserved credit and they stand as my favourite buildings in the city. 

Favourite Building in the world:

It is difficult to put a label on a building as my favourite in the world as I still have to explore the plethora of architectural wonders. I can say that I’ve grown to appreciate minimalistic buildings a lot more such as works from Tadao Ando, whose philosophy is to restore unity between architecture and nature.

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World