Nick Gilmovitch  Architectural Assistant

BA(Hons), MArch

Nick’s previous experience has been in Residential, Commercial/Refurbishment, Religious and Healthcare with a personal interest in Residential property specifically high end, Eco and Passive Housing.

He completed his BArch at Liverpool John Moores University, gaining experience in his year out in a local Liverpool practice, returning to LJMU to complete his MArch. Nick specialised in Urban Design and Urban Regeneration with affordable low energy, high efficiency housing. His dissertation was written on ‘Biomimicry influencing Passive House design’ and his thesis on Advanced Manufacturing and Production.

Favourite building in Liverpool:

Everyman Theatre. The respect given to the history of the old theatre and consideration in the repurposing of material in its reconstruction gives an atmospheric experience of the old that is hard to accomplish in new.


Favourite building in the World:

Castlevecchio, Verona. Redesigned and completed by Carlo Scarpa, I’ve selected this for its attention to architectural detail, seamlessly integrated within the old medieval castle. Scarpa’s detail could be missed as it displays sculpture and painting for the masses, yet the attention to reveals and architectural phenomenology, spanning the entirety of the site, rewards a unique secondary experience that many who visit fail to see.

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World