Tim Wellman    Senior Architectural Technician


Tim has over 30 years of construction experience, working for private practices, local authority and contractor design departments. From drawing boards through to BIM software he has embraced and endured the changing world of architectural design production.

Since completing his BA Hons in Architectural Studies at Liverpool Polytechnic in ’89 he has worked in Merseyside and North Wales, on projects across the country and in many sectors: education, leisure and commercial, healthcare and residential, concentrating on the later sectors in recent years.

His recent projects include: a housing development in Grimsby for 184 houses and 76 apartments, the £2.7m Frank Myler Sports Pavilion in Halton, the £8m Kirkby Health & Well Being Centre, the £5m Anfield Neighbourhood Health Centre and a £2m new private Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit near Newcastle.

Tim joined Brock Carmichael in November 2018.

Favourite Building in Liverpool:

From my love of all things Art Deco, I have always had a fondness for the Littlewoods Building, Edge Hill.

Favourite Building in the world:

I don’t have a single favourite building, however, I have always found the Art Deco period of architecture most appealing. Their designs can look so simple, almost classical, with a minimal palette, playing to my love of playful clearly defined planes and curves. Go closer, then inside, and as the scale reduces the same detailing can so often surprise and amaze with its complexity and completeness. Examples range from the Hoover and Daily Express Buildings in London, to Tram shelters in Brighton and Hove. A style of its time, to me it symbolises a hopeful optimism for technology and the future. Timeless.


My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World