Toby Bachra    Architectural Assistant

BA(Hons), MArch, PhD Part 2

Toby joined Brock Carmichael as a Part II architect after graduating from the Master of Architecture programme at the University of Liverpool, where he also studied for his undergraduate degree. He has experience in the educational and residential sector, as well as having worked on jobs in the commercial and leisure sector. His areas of interest are conveniently, education and residential, and especially involving projects with sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Outside of the office Toby is also a keen photographer and can be spotted out and about at various venues throughout Liverpool.

Toby joined the team in September 2018.

Favourite Building in Liverpool:

The University of Liverpool Sydney Jones Library in Abercrombie Square by Sir Basil Spence for its clever use of Natural light, smart integration of artificial light. Lots of Concrete.

A special mention to The State Insurance Building, Dale Street by Walter Aubery Thomas, specifically the ‘out of use’ ballroom. It’s an unashamedly flamboyant hidden gem.

Favourite Building in the world:

The National Theatre, London. (Denys Lasdun) a beautifully composed building that invites exploration. A concrete marvel.

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World