Brock Carmichael


The world of residential architecture is fast-paced and ever-changing, Brock Carmichael is committed to innovation in this field, pushing the boundaries of private residential, as well as student, social, elderly and assisted housing.

As residential architects we work with commercial developers and volume house builders throughout the UK to create new homes and communities.

We add value by being proactive. We manage and mitigate planning and development risk for our commercial housing clients. We understand the challenges of the development process and can offer a range of services, tailored to suit your business model. Our experience over the years has helped us to be the Residential Architect of choice for a number of our clients.

Our expertise is wide ranging; from large-scale master plans and public enquiries to individual listed building consents; from green and brown field locations to city centres, waterfronts and world heritage sites. We have delivered private rental and private for sale schemes. Each of these models has different local market conditions; each with their own challenges and risks, requiring different design solutions