Our Sectors


We understand the importance of architecture in creating modern learning environments that allow students to perform at their optimum level, which is why we’ve been entrusted with school, college and university refurbishments and new build developments right across the UK.


Lead Architects – Chris Bolland & Mike Cosser


Our leisure industry projects range from new build hotels and multi million pound mixed use schemes to intricate, interior refurbishments like that of the Puffin Rooms. We have extensive experience across hotels, hospitality and museums as new build, conservation and re-use.

Highly complex multi-million pound developments like the Cruise Liner Hotel and One Park West in Liverpool rank alongside intricate, extensive refurbishments such as the Grade II listed Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Lead Architects – John Cassell & Chris Bolland 



The world of residential architecture is fast-paced and ever-changing, Brock Carmichael is committed to innovation in this field using its international experience, pushing the boundaries of private residential accommodation, including buy-to-rent (BTR), student, social, elderly and assisted housing.

Lead Architects – Chris Bolland, John Cassell & Phil Malthouse


Protecting architectural heritage is a specialism we’re proud to have, and one we’ve been able to cultivate and grow over the years. To date, we count prestigious conservation architecture projects among our portfolio that include London’s Hyde Park Hotel and a whole host of museums, places of interest and listed buildings.

Lead Architects – Mike Cosser & Chris Bolland 


Our master planning skills and attention to detail mean we are often asked to work on mixed-use projects, prestigious office buildings and unusual projects that don’t fit into categories easily. This is when we enjoy the challenge of blending the old and the new, bringing multi-talented individuals together and using technology and modern methods of construction (MMC) to deliver something special.

Lead Architects – John Casell & Mike Cosser